Cyan Eyed Favia (WYSIWYG)

Size: 5cm

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Generic Name: Favia sp.

Care Level: Easy

Flow: Moderate

Lighting: Medium (100 to 200 PAR)

Origin: Indo Pacific

Points to consider:

Feeding – Although they do get their nutrients from photosynthesis, they do benefit from direct feedings of Roti-Feast and mysis shrimp.

Lighting – They do display better colouration under stronger light but careful monitoring is required in case of overexposure due to high light.

Shipping Policy

SHIPPING FEES (For within Malaysia Area only)

DELIVERY BY BUS (All used with Polyfoam Box)

Johor, Melaka, N.Sembilan, Selangor & KL 

  • XS box: 1-6 items – RM35.00
  • S box: 7-10 items – RM40.00
  • M box: 11 - 20 items – RM50.00

Perak, Penang, Pahang, Terengganu & Kelantan

  • XS box: 1-6 items – RM55.00
  • S box: 7-10 items – RM60.00
  • M box: 11 - 20 items – RM75.00

DELIVERY BY COURIER SERVICES (By our partner Line Clear Express)

  • XS box: 1-6 items – RM30.00
  • S box: 7-10 items – RM40.00
  • M box: 11 - 20 items – RM50.00

IMPORTANCE: Postage can only be made on every Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Customers will need to collect at the nearest branch to qualify for our Guarantee & DOA policy.


Blue Potato offers a 48 hours guarantee from the day of packing. Shipping is the most stressful event that a coral can undergo and certain corals are more delicate than others. As often as we try to enhance our shipping procedures, some corals do not survive the shipping process.

  • What livestock are covered with the guarantee?

Any livestock purchased from Blue Potato includes the 48 hours guarantee except for specialty corals which may not be entitled for the guarantee and will clearly be stated before purchase.

  • What happens if I am unsure or have a DOA?

1. Take a clear picture of the coral in the bag

A clear picture of the coral intact in the bag is required in order for us to assess the condition. The seal must not be broken. Do not discard the coral as we may ask for you to ship back.

2. Send us your picture and order information