The Story of Blue Potato

Passion. Our Key to Reefing.

As a hobbyist, Allan Looi, our founder, uncovers his work passion with ocean life and set up his retail aquatic company in 2018. Over the two years, he successfully breeded varieties of corals. In 2020, due to space constraints, Allan decided to take up greater challenges and ventured into farm facilities, giving birth to Blue Potato Aquatic Solutions.

Blue Potato Aquatic Solutions is a one-stop for all freshwater and saltwater, regardless of recreational or commercial. Based in Malaysia, we are an aquaculture farm which breeds marine and freshwater livestocks. In addition, we also offer a wide range of quality equipment, food and supplements to support all your aquatic needs. 

Till now, Blue Potato has ventured into new projects such as marine tanks for new homes from build, or commercial such as restaurant seafood tanks, floating farms on kelongs and more. Together with his team, Allan likes to attend on-site with clients to assure the high standard and quality of service Blue Potato always offers. His unwavering passion is to fulfil everyone’s dream of having their piece of ocean in whenever they want.

Our Facilities

As long-time aquarists ourselves with a love for the hobby, we understand your dedication and passion. Our staff have a wealth of experience to help you choose the right product for your needs, or suitable fish/coral for your aquarium. Our state-of-the-art facilities also provide the optimal conditions for our livestock.

Till date, we have more than 70 tanks (Volume: Over 6,000 gallons of water) for our marine usage in our controlled facilities. We are still in the midst of expanding.

However, we are building our new showroom soon which we warmly welcome you to visit us at our facilities.

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